"Bee-utiful"  White Rock Lake, Dallas.


White Rock Lake, Dallas.

So I was walking around the lake and I started to see these tiny flowers every now and then. On one side I was excited to take a photo just because I like taking photos of tiny things (no jokes here), but on the other side I can get a little self-conscious because, let's face it, you don't want to be the guy laying on the ground in the middle of the way, in public. People look at you with a weird stare that only somebody laying flat on the ground can get, no matter if you have a camera or not.

"What... is that... guy... doing? Is he... taking a photo?... why?"

And it's especially true with me because I don't just crouch, take the photo and leave. Once I commit, it's on! If I have to take 18 photos of the same flower to capture the EXACT image I see in my mind, I am going to take those 18 photos... or maybe even 19, just to be sure. I am totally that guy.

In any case, I went for it and am totally laying on the grass at this point, taking photos of these two tiny flowers 

*click* Hmmm no, more to the right..... 
*click* no, that weird shadow looks bad....  
*click* I think a bigger aperture is what I need... 
*click* the dumb wind is messing my focus...

... when suddenly, 11 photos later, through the viewfinder I see this little friend land right in front of me.

Wait for iiiiit.... *Click* 



Sometimes I think getting what you want just comes down to keeping your eyes open for opportunities, ignoring that negative voice in your head telling you to not be ridiculous, a fair amount of persistence... and a little bit of luck. 

That's it.