"Imagination"  Water droplets on my window.


Water droplets on my window.

If you have talked to me at some point, you know I am a huge Tim Ferriss fan. I first heard of him in 2011 through a podcast, where he was a guest promoting his book  The 4-Hour Body, a book that I sincerely credit with changing my life and the way I think about what's possible if you set your mind on a specific goal.

The moment you start hearing Tim talk you notice that he is a brilliant guy that plays by a different set of rules than most people. When being a three times New York Times bestseller sound like the least impressive of his accomplishments, you know you are talking about somebody special. His resume includes a Guinness World Record for dancing Tango, National Chinese Kickboxing Champion, Princeton University guest lecturer, entrepreneur and advisor for companies like Facebook, Twitter, Über, Evernote, Stumbleupon... and many many other impressive feats. I could talk about him for hours.

But this blog post is not so much about his personal accomplishments as is about his philanthropic efforts. Every year for his birthday he asks us, his readers, to engage in a task to make this world a better place.

In 2010 more than $100,000 were raised for public school classrooms in the US. In 2011 the challenge was to raise money to build children public libraries in developing countries, and last year more than $192,000 were raised to help fund the education of more than 580 students in places like Bolivia, Mongolia, and Ghana.

This year, the goal is to raise money to bring clean, safe water to some of the almost 1 Billion people that don't count with this vital liquid. There are children that spend more time carrying cans of water back and forth than in classrooms learning, putting them in a permanent handicap, and that is something that should not be happening in 2013, don't you think?

So, if you have the means, please consider donating something to this cause. Donations are done via Charity Water and are easy, tax deductible, and they go straight to the people in need, meaning that there are no administrative fees collected at any point. Each penny will reach the people that need it. 

You don't have to break the bank to make a difference, you can donate anything you want starting at $1, and it's all done with a few clicks.  

This is a good cause, just think about where you would be without water.

Thank you!

If you want to know more about Tim, his books and his awesome theories of lifestyle design, check out his blog .