I grew up in Mexico, and even though we are VERY similar in some things, there are still many differences between both countries.

I really love that, because it allows me the enormous pleasure of "discovering" new things on a regular basis. Things that people don't think about or are so used to them that they don't notice them anymore. Or some things that I just stumble upon by being curious about everything.

One of such things that I just discovered a couple years ago is the whole world of Sneaker Collecting. One word: Wow. 

I had no idea there was a whole subculture of people that call themselves "sneakerheads" that are into shoes like I would be into art. They have magazineswebsites, conventions and even a college course in Carnegie Mellon University called Sneakerology 101. Not kidding. It's also a 25 billion dollar business.

While I don't necessarily "get it", I find it fascinating.

One "sneakerhead" I have the pleasure of knowing is my "uncle" Dee, aka @Magnus_seven13 on twitter, who one day asked me if I could take some photos of his shoes. 

"Photos of your shoes??"

Not going to lie, I found it weird, to say the least. 

But as soon as I started playing with the shoes I noticed the insane amount of detail that goes into these sneakers. From the actual design and colors used, to the fabrics and materials, and even reaching the kind of paper used in the packaging. EVERYTHING is thought of and executed to please the collectors.

And they look damn good in photos.