Every once in a while I get the urge to do this thing when I go out of the house with my camera and try to find a photo. I say trying because you don't "find photos" every day, sometimes I walk or drive for an hour or more and come home empty handed.

The secret to finding them is just being alert because they can come from anywhere. It can be something you see, something you hear, the song that was playing or that thing you remembered when you were waiting at the red light. 

This one came to me from a guy walking his dog. He saw me crouching taking a photo of a bench and said "if you want to take a good picture there is a lake two blocks down that way. There is a bridge too, I think you'll like it."

Great, a clue! 

I thanked him and started walking that way.

Once I got there I was amazed just by the fact that there was a lake 10 minutes from my house, right in the middle of the city, and I had no idea. The park was beautiful, very green, the day was sunny and warm. I saw a woman doing yoga on the grass, a family walking a dog, a couple resting on a bench.

I started walking, snapped a couple ones here and there. I walked past a few sculptures, said hi to a couple people, kept walking. I stayed for like 30 minutes and I have to confess that I left empty handed that day.

But I saw the possibilities. I knew it was there somewhere, maybe I just didn't look up when I had to or it wasn't the right time of the day or I didn't have the right camera with me.

I came back the week after, and then again another day, and then once more. I think it took me five trips total --and hundreds of clicks-- but one day.... there it was.

I think that sometimes the Muse just wants to see you do the work, put some time, prove your dedication showing up every day. Being patient.

It is then, and only then, that the Muse taps you on the shoulder and shows you a gift.

You earned it. 


 "Equilibrium"    Exall Lake, Highland Park, Dallas.   


Exall Lake, Highland Park, Dallas.



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